Urban Networks and Applications

4 - 6 August 2008, Lakeshore Hotel, Hsinchu, Taiwan

Held in conjunction with the 13th IEEE Asia-Pacific Computer Systems Architecture Conference ( ACSAC2008 )


Extended submission deadline: March 28, 2008
Paper submissions due: March 20, 2008
Acceptance notification: April  30,  2008
Final camera-ready due:           May 10,  2008


Urban settings are host of diverse networking technologies, from cellular and wired broadband to WiMAX, WiFi, Bluetooth and, more recently, mesh and sensor networks. While this rich environment offers opportunities for connectivity, inter-operability and sharing of services and resources, the co-existence of these heterogeneous technologies, competing for the same resources and offering similar services, poses difficult engineering and legal problems. For example, network planning is a major issue that can determine the effective use of each network and, when possible, inter-operability of the networks. Cities administrations are keen to deploy and take advantage of public service networks, whereas citizens are interested to use public or private services at home, at work or while driving or walking. Private initiatives may selectively focus on certain niche services. Overall, urban networks can increase the quality of life in cities and can make the distinction among cities. In achieving this goal, many technical challenges have to be tackled. This workshop will be a forum for discussion of new and interdisciplinary ideas on new architectures, paradigms, concepts, service models and novel applications for urban networks.


Topics for submission include but are not limited to:

  • cognitive radio technologies
  • congestion control
  • micro- and pico-cell control architecture
  • hybrid cell configuration
  • sensor networks in urban settings
  • personal area networks
  • vehicular networks
  • mesh networks
  • mobile ad hoc networks
  • networks planning
  • networks inter-operability
  • data mining of a large volume of data in urban networks
  • database support for urban networks
  • network and service discovery
  • mobility supporting services
  • context awareness
  • mobile middleware
  • ubiquitous and urban computing
  • urban network systems and applications
  • locative media and applications
  • access, security and privacy in urban networks